The Haines Assisted Living Campus consists of the following buildings:

Haines Assisted Living is small town Alaska’s premier assisted living home.  Built in 2009 to a standard we call Alaska Gold, it is LEED Certified; designed for resident comfort, security and efficiency of operations and maintenance.  Compassionate care is the guiding principal and it allows this non-profit charity to deliver quality services in a small (only 8 units), family environment.

The Soboleff / Mc Rae Veterans’ Village, dedicated on 09/11/14 to the men and women whose sacrifice and service allows us to enjoy the phenomenal beauty of Southeast Alaska in peace and freedom.  Eleven large one bedroom apartments built to the Alaska Gold standard and leased at below market rate to Veterans or their surviving spouse.  Four of the eleven apartments are supported and available to the lowest income Veteran households.  No government funding is utilized. Thanks to the community of Haines, the project is entirely self-supporting.

The Haines Community Wellness Center is located in the Veterans’ Village complex and offers a new state of the art dental clinic and office and program space for local health and social service providers.

St. Lucy’s Senior Living, on the Haines Assisted Living campus, offers five beautiful one bedroom subsidized apartments to Very-Low-Income elders who live independently.  Residents must meet income limits and be certified for eligibility on an annual basis.